Everything You Need to Know About South Maui Beaches

There are many beautiful and relaxing beaches in South Maui, each of which has something wonderful to offer vacationers. With so many excellent beaches to choose from, a visit to South Maui is always a treat.

Many people consider Wailea Beach among the best in the world. As such a popular beach, it’s almost always packed with tourists enjoying everything it has to offer. During the winter months, standing on Wailea Beach provides perfect views of Molokini, Kaho’olawe, and Lana’i. Whales are also a common sight at this beach. The beach is also the perfect location to body surf the Pacific Ocean waves and for snorkeling. If you’re looking to be as close to Wailea as possible during your vacation, there are several South Maui condos available for rent within walking distance from the beach.

Big Beach
Big Beach, otherwise known as Oneloa/Makena Beach stretches more than a half a mile. It is one of Maui’s widest beaches, allowing it to accommodate growing crowds of tourists. This makes it the ideal lounging destination because everyone has enough space to stretch out. However, visitors are encouraged to stay out of the water when south swells are imminent, as they can be extremely dangerous even for strong swimmers. Yet there are plenty of times when visitors to this beach may see some serious boogie boarding action.

It is often best to just sit back and enjoy the view at Big Beach. Visitors never have to worry about going hungry while there because there are food trucks on the beach as well as in its parking lot. The locals swear by these vendors.

Keawakapu Beach 
While Big Beach may not be the best place to go swimming, Keawakapu Beach is a great place for those who want to swim laps. Its calmer waters make it a safer experience for everyone. Yet, the beach is often hit by storms that can have a significant impact. On a positive note, live tidepools can often be seen at the north end of the beach, especially on nights where there is a full moon. The north end is also where visitors can rent bikes, kayaks, gear for snorkeling, paddle boards and other beach accessories.  Just beyond the beach lies restaurants and vacation rentals that provide visitors with easy access. This makes it ideal for those who want a relaxing experience but still want to be near a bustling community.

These beaches are just a few of the best in South Maui. There are many others that are designed to appeal to all types of vacationers.