How to Plan a Casual Wedding in Maine

One of the best things about getting married in Maine is the wealth of options for casual weddings. The naturally beautiful landscapes and venues that range from traditional to unusual will help provide a lot of inspiration. Casual weddings, particularly those held outdoors, are a perfect way to start a new life together as a couple.

Finding an Officiant
Licenses are fairly easy to obtain, with local cities and towns having the authority to issue marriage licenses. Another easy part of planning your wedding is the flexibility the state allows in choosing an officiant. In addition to clergy and judges, those with preaching licenses from their organization, lawyers who live in Maine and are admitted to the state bar, and notaries may also officiate wedding services.

Picking Your Venue
The venue that you choose will help set the unique feel for your wedding, indoors or out. Some of the unique options include an outdoor beach wedding, a wedding on a sailboat, or a barn wedding. Local resorts like Linekin Bay Resort are also good options for casual weddings, because of the many options that they offer to suit both you and your guests.

Think of Your Wedding Theme 
One of the best things about more casual weddings is that rustic or nautical themes, both of which are popular for Maine weddings, work very well. Arrangements that use local flowers currently in bloom are always a nice addition to your ceremony and reception. Table settings with nautical themes also work well, giving the event a nice touch without being overly formal.

How Should You Dress?
Tuxedos and formal white gowns are a nice touch of tradition, but the casual setting easily allows for alternatives that look just as great. Dress pants and shirts in bright colors, as well as bridal pantsuits or colorful sundresses, are just a few examples. Another advantage of a casual wedding is that the other members of the wedding party can have a little more flexibility in how they dress.

A casual Maine wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day in unique, memorable style.