Top 5 Reasons To Visit Juneau, AK

Juneau is a popular port city to stop in for people on Alaskan cruises. The coastal city sits on Alaska’s panhandle on the Southern coast. It’s only reachable by boat or plane. While many people visit via cruise ship, you may want to consider an extended trip and stay at a local hotel like Silverbow Inn. Here are the top reasons to visit Alaska’s capital city.

It’s a hot spot for Gold Rush history
Juneau is the home of Treadwell Gold Mine, where the gold rush began. At one time the largest gold mining operation around, the mine boasted of an annual yield of almost $70 million in gold alone during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Of the 144 buildings that composed the private community, the only remaining is an office building, the newest addition constructed in 1915. While many of the buildings are now overshadowed by trees and other forest vegetation, the area is still a favorite among tourists seeking to pay homage to the pioneers who played such an important role in the state’s history. Who knows, you may even find a few gold fragments scattered among the remnants.

The hiking
With over 250 miles of trails, you will never bore of the beautiful scenery. With so many mountains, streams, forests, and meadows, a new adventure is always in store. Make sure to pack your hiking boots.

The wildlife and whale watching
Book a tour to view the area’s amazing sea creatures including majestic humpback whales and playful sea lions. You may also spot a few bald eagles, bears, or other wildlife along the way.

Mendenhall Glacier and Ice Caves
Enjoy the breathtaking view of the impressive glacier during a guided canoe trip down Mendenhall Lake. At over 13 miles long, Mendenhall Glacier is the only drive up glacier in the world. Experience the natural beauty of mother nature during a trek through the blue ice caves while enjoying the massive icebergs and emerald-green pools. You may also catch a glimpse of Nugget Falls, the renowned waterfall cascading down the mountainside adjacent the glacier.

The Fishing
Alaska is home to many of the best fishing spots in the world. Whether you are in the mood for halibut, or one or many of the five types of Pacific Salmon, your trip to Juneau is not complete without a stop at one of the local fishing holes. For the best experience, hire a professional guide for your full or half-day excursion.